About us


“I wanted to design a bag that didn’t exist already, the bag I’d have wanted myself,” says Patrizia Montanari, leather stylist at Corsia.

“I thought of a woman who works and travels, who has a hundred things to do but very little time: she wants a bag that’s practical and functional, but without compromising on style. Because she already has her own, full of personality and completely unique.”

“Real luxury, in my view, is in the perfection of the essential: having everything you need, in an impeccable design, without a single superfluous detail.”

Your bag is an important accessory that completes an outfit. That’s why I wanted to make it versatile and practical, but still elegant. So I designed a bag that can be used all day: a bag that would be useful in the morning and stylish in the evening.”


We want to make life simpler. In style.

Travelling for business or pleasure, dashing from meetings to appointments and fitting in all those urgent errands is exhausting, we know.

That’s why we want our bags to make everything simpler for you. And more enjoyable.

Knowing where everything is, having all the pockets you need, perfectly sized to fit your mobile, tablet, diary, make-up bag or whatever else you like to carry with you, is fantastic.

Doing so with an elegant bag that says something about your style, made with the finest materials which are natural dyed to make it unique, is, we believe, even better.

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