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Here at Corsia, we believe that convenient, practical bags should come without any need for compromise, whether in the quality of the materials, in elegance, or in style.

For this reason, the design of our women’s bags is carefully studied to bring together beauty and practicality, with pockets and compartments designed to keep everything in order, all made with the finest workmanship and with the highest-quality finish, which means they go with all types of outfit, from casual through to chic and elegant.

What’s more, Corsia bags are made with the highest-quality selected leathers, and their strictly made in Italy craftsmanship is the fruit of the skill and experience of a long tradition of leatherworking in the Cesena-Rimini-Ravenna district of Italy.

Here at Corsia, we believe it’s more fun to follow your own style than to follow fashion; and we believe that the pleasure of owning a unique piece should be possible for every woman who wants one.